The Promethium Effect – Coming Soon

Hi everyone!

We’re Zendo Games, and our startup is coming online with the debut of our first indie game “The Promethium Effect.” Like every memorable indie game, “The Promethium Effect” is a hybrid clicker game which takes everything you love about casual clickers and blends it a worthwhile space shooter game that gives you the action that most clicker games lack.

So where can I find “The Promethium Effect” to play?

Glad you asked! The game in in the final stages of development, and our first target platform will be Steam. We love Steam, and have been playing games on that platform for years, so what better place to start?

What’s the game about?

Without giving away too much too early, you are the head of of an asteroid mining company, which seeks to harvest a rare element…yes, promethium. As you advance through the different quadrants of the galaxy, there is an alien race which seeks to stop your tireless ravaging of the rich promethium asteroid fields…

When can I play it?

Soon! Keep checking back for more updates, and follow us on Twitter (@zendo_games) and Facebook!

Till next time!