The toughest part of developing “The Promethium Effect”

People ask us all the time what is the hardest part of developing games? The short answer: it depends on the game. But for “The Promethium Effect,”  it was the money system.

Why? Computer science stuff…in a nutshell. Essentially, it has to do with the sad reality that while computers are quite advanced these days, virtually all of them still use either 32-bit or 64 bit numbers. What that means is that while you can store some pretty big numbers in a memory slot, it is still limited just how big that number can be…and that doesn’t work out very well for a game that quickly moves beyond the limits of modern computer capabilities. So, we had to be sneaky and clever.

But with being sneaky and clever comes a massive amount complexity for very basic math operations, such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. By far, figuring out the algorithms for our sneaky method was the hardest thing to do. Fortunately, we figured it all out and have a pretty awesome money system that can hold your massive stack of money well beyond 10+e10000. (Thats a “1” with ten thousand zeroes following it, btw.)